Elope in Wyoming Where Wide Open Spaces Welcome Lovers


Fantastic Mountain Scenery is Just One of the Attractions of a Wyoming Elopement & Honeymoon

There is magic in the air when you elope in Wyoming, a spectacularly scenic northern state with towering mountains and vast plains.

Find the perfect Wyoming elopement package and then plan on a honeymoon enjoying the many tourist attractions, like Grand Teton Park with its wildlife safari and the world-famous Yellowstone National Park. Horseback riding is very popular and so is white water rafting, fly fishing, nature hikes, and, of course, winter sports abound when the snow flies.

Start with a bed and breakfast wedding package in Wyoming that suits your budget and then let your hearts dictate how to indulge yourselves as you begin your lives together. When you elope in Wyoming, the magic never ends.

Elopement Package for Wyoming

The Nagel Warren Mansion has a Wyoming B&B elope package in Cheyenne that you will love. A judge (or justice of the peace or minister) and two witnesses will be arranged for your romantic ceremony in front of the parlor fireplace in this elegant Victorian mansion. A honeymoon package is also available and so are lots of extras. Room rates start at $206.

Eloping in Wyoming: Requirements

In this state, there are no covenant marriages, nor are there proxy, cousin, common-law, or same-sex marriages. Aside from that, it’s very easy to get married; in fact, you can receive your license the day you apply for it and have your ceremony that same day.

If you are 18 or older, apply for your license at a county clerk’s office with photo ID (e.g., driver’s licenses) and certified copies of your birth certificates, and know your social security numbers, mothers’ maiden names, and the states where your parents were born. If previously married, bring certified copies of divorce decrees and/or death certificates. You don’t have to be a resident of Wyoming and no blood tests are required.

The license is valid for a year, the cost is $25 cash, and the county clerk’s office can direct you to a local officiate (e.g., judge; justice of the peace; ordained minister) who can perform your ceremony.

(Please Note: This page on Wyoming elopements is a guide only. Prices for these Wyoming wedding packages as well as requirements for marriages in Wyoming can change. Please consult with suppliers and official agencies before making any purchases or set arrangements.)