Great Places to Elope in the West

Planning to Elope on the West Coast? Or looking for an elopement package in the resort areas of Colorado, Utah or Nevada?

This section of Best Elope Ideas is dedicated to eloping in western USA. We’ve checked out and researched hundreds of affordable elopement and small wedding packages in B&B’s and small inns all across nine different states in the West, including the frontier state of Alaska.

One of the best features about elopements in the west is the choice of honeymoon vacations available – there’s secluded spots in the wilderness, romantic mountain and coastal areas, as well as dazzling cities like Las Vegas and L.A. to celebrate your marriage.

We designed our guide to Western elopements to give you a good idea of the availability and affordability of various elope wedding destinations in these states. Let’s help you plan your romantic western U.S. elopement!

Elope in the Western USA - California, Oregon, Washington State, Colorado & more

Elopements in Western USA Destinations:


California Wedding Elopement Packages - our newest directory of romantic places to elope in California, featuring destinations all over the state including San Francisco, San Diego, Riverside County and the gorgeous Northern California Coast in Mendocino, CA.

More Locations:

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5 Wonderful Wedding Locations in the Western USA:

1. Lake Tahoe - the beautiful fresh water lake called Tahoe, found along the border between California and Nevada is an ideal place to elope in any season.  Clean and clear, multi- hued waters and ancient legends, along with sunny blue sky make this a top romantic destination.

If you want the “glitz” of Nevada’s casino scene, there are plenty of glamorous opportunities on the Nevada side.  But you may prefer a more serene lakeside location or the small, resort-town feel of Tahoe City or South Tahoe.  Sunnyside, Tahoe City and Carson City are also options, with plenty of elopement packages and unique wedding ideas available.

Tip:  If tying the knot isn’t enough of a thrill, get a little honeymoon adrenalin rush at Tahoe City Tree Tops Adventure Park.  Whoo-hoo!

2. Las Vegas - you don’t have to love Elvis or glitter to elope in Las Vegas.  There are a multitude of choices available in this exciting elopement destination.  From casinos to small chapels, and from outlandish themed nuptials to private outdoor ceremonies, Vegas has something for every couple.  How about a helicopter ride over the Strip after saying “I-do”?  Or visit the Grand Canyon on your honeymoon.

3. Southern California Coast - San Diego probably has the best weather for an outdoor elopement and the small communities in the San Diego areas of Carlsbad, Encinitas, Del Mar, La Jolla and Coronado Island are also worth consideration.  Bury your bridal-manicured toes in the soft sand or take your vows with the sun setting over the Pacific.

Huntington Beach, Newport, Corona Del Mar, Laguna Beach, San Clemente, Hermosa Beach, Redondo, and Rancho Palos Verdes are other options in this area.

4. North California Coast - Mendocino, Fort Bragg, Crescent City and other small towns dot the coastline north of San Francisco.  Massive Redwood trees crashing waves and small tidal pools, and unforgettable outdoor activities make this area just right for quiet romance.  Be sure to find out about the “Skunk Train” experience and get ready for a journey you will never forget (don’t worry, skunk odor is NOT included!)

5. Oregon Coast - Astoria, Canon Beach, Seaside, Manzanita… all towns along Highway 101 in Oregon, and all unique settings for romance.  Many services and wedding packages are available for this popular area, and the sightseeing