Romantic Places to Elope in the South

If you’re planning a simple and affordable elopement in the South, you’ll enjoy this directory of places and elopement packages in the states all across the southern USA, from Florida to Virginia, and from Georgia to Louisiana.

As this section of our site grows, you’ll find listings for romantic elopement packages in all sorts of great Southern destinations.

Best Time of the Year to Elope in the Southern U.S.: the weather in Virginia, Georgia and the Carolinas is very good most of the year. Humidity can make things a bit sticky in the summer, and tropical storm season runs from July thru to November as well. So Spring and Autumn are probably the best times of the year to get married here.

How to Elope in The South - Louisiana, Georgia and Tennessee Elopement Packages & more locations

Places to Elope in the South

Florida Elopement Packages - a wide range of small wedding packages and destinations to choose from, including the Gulf Coast, South Florida and the Keys, WDW and St. Petersburg.

Elope in North Carolina - great spots for simple but memorable NC elopements, including the Smoky Mountains, romantic B&B's and locations close to the beach.

Elope in South Carolina - the best wedding locations for simple and affordable elopement packages in Myrtle Beach, Charleston, and Hilton Head SC.

Elope in Virginia - romantic elopements in Virginia, including the Blue Ridge, Shenandoah Valley, Virginia Beach and more.

Elope in Georgia - experience Southern charm with these great places to elope in Georgia, including Savannah, GA elopement packages.

West Virginia Elopements - two romantic destinations with packages for eloping in the Shenandoah Mountains.

Elope in Arkansas - romantic B&B wedding spots with cheap eloping packages in Eureka Springs, Little Rock and Hot Springs, AR.

Elope in Tennessee - remember your big day with a simple yet elegant wedding elopement in Tennessee's Smoky Mountains, or in the vibrant cities of Memphis and Nashville, TN.

Elope in Louisiana - get married quickly with an affordable eloping package in New Orleans, LA.

Kentucky Elopement - beautiful small wedding packages in attractive destinations like Lexington and Louisville, KY.

Alabama Elopements - inexpensive wedding packages and places to elope in Alabama, including destinations near Mobile and Birmingham, AL.

Elope in Mississippi - tie the knot in MS at a romantic B&B or with wedding planners specializing in small, intimate ceremonies just for two.

Tips on Eloping on/near the Beach in the Southern U.S.

Ideas for flowers - Starfish or sea-shells in with flowers for bouquet or on the fabric wrapped around the stems. Use parasols in the colors of your wedding instead of bouquets

Beach Wedding Attire - Keep the attire very simple and on the casual casual side.  Maybe the groom can wear dressy Bermuda shorts or lightweight cotton pants.  And the bride can wear a shorter white dress and white flip-flops or foot “jewelry”.  The big dress and train are probably not your best option for the beach.  If you really must have a ballgown-style dress, at least make sure you can easily bustle it up at the back.

Shoes really should be flat-soled so that they don’t sink into the sand, but remember to have your dress hemmed wearing the shoes you will use the day of the wedding.  And if you choose to go barefoot, keep in mind that sand can get pretty hot on a sunny day!  Use a runner for your aisle and make sure it’s thick enough to keep the heat off your feet!

Beach Wedding Hair Styles - if you have long hair, it might be best to have some kind of updo rather than letting the breezes wreak havoc with your tresses!  And photographers can have a hard time if your long veil is constantly blowing in the wind.  You may be better off with beach-themed hair accessories or a shorter veil.

For the Guests - make sure the invitation states that the ceremony will take place on the beach so that guests can dress accordingly and be comfortable.

Provide flip flops for the guests to wear while in the sand and a place to leave shoes and socks.  Afterwards, this area can be set up for cleaning sand off feet and putting shoes back on.  The station should have a bench to sit on, towels and some water as well as brushes (unused paint brushes in a pail?) or baby powder (great for taking sand off skin).

Welcome bags with small bottles of sunscreen, insect repellent and paper fans are also great for guests at a beach wedding. (note:  make sure the insect repellent does not stain clothing!)

Set up a table with ice water or other cold drinks so that guests can stay hydrated while waiting for the ceremony.  And consider having a shady area as well.

If lots of children are attending the ceremony, give them sand buckets and little shovels to keep them busy.

Ceremony, Reception & Photography Ideas

Ceremony Ideas:

  • Line the aisle with shells or starfish
  • Have the bride and/or her bridesmaids arrive in a motor boat, paddle boat or canoe.
  • Keep the rings in sea shells until needed during the ceremony
  • If things get cool outside, have a basket of lady’s pashminas to warm up chilly guests.
  • Keep the ceremony short and speak up
  • Build creative sand sculptures or castles at the ceremony site.
  • Make heart shapes in the sand using starfish or shells.

Reception Ideas

If the reception is also outdoors, remember that ocean breezes can knock things over unexpectedly and blow light things away.  Anchor everything and use your imagination to find nautical items that will act as paper-weights for menus, programs and other paper items.

Use nautical-themed trinkets to decorate guest chairs or as centerpieces or cake-toppers. Sand dollars with names written on them for place cards at the tables are a nice touch.

For guest favors, consider giving out colorful beach towels tied with string or ribbon and attach your names and date of the wedding.

For Photos - when you elope in the South, a great time for the beach ceremony is about about an hour and a half before sunset.  If the ceremony ends at least an hour before the sun sets, you will get great shots in natural light before taking romantic sunset portraits.

Draw a large heart in the sand and stand inside it with your mate.  Have the picture taken from above, looking down on the two of you. Or place the rings on the “legs” of a starfish and take a photo.